Ladislaus III


son of: Emeric
periods of reign: 1204-1205
succesor: Andrew II


Ladislaus III was the only son of Emeric Hungarian King of the Árpád Dynasty and Constance of Aragon Hungarian Queen. He was the 19th king of the Medieval Hungarian Kingdom. He is considered to be the youngest monarch in Hungarian history.

His father Emeric made Ladislaus III crowned in 1204, still during his reign. Little Ladislaus might have been around 3 or 5 years of age at that time. King Emeric ordered Ladislaus’ coronation in an attempt to secure a smooth succession for his infant son, due to his serious illness. Finally, he died in the end of 1204, but before his death he had made his brother Andrew, later Andrew II, take an oath on his supporting the young monarch at all costs. However, as the new regent of the country Andrew immediately centralized all power in his hands, and made Ladislaus’ and his mother’s situation impossible.  Pope Innocent III sent a letter to Duke Andrew, warning him to respect the child king's interests. However, refusing to heed Innocent's warning, Andrew seized the money that Emeric had deposited in the Pilis Abbey for Ladislaus. Considering her son's position to be insecure, Constance fled to Austria to Duke Leopold VI, taking Ladislaus with her. Although Duke Andrew threatened Duke Leopold with an invasion, the child Ladislaus abruptly died on 7th May 1205. His body was carried to Székesfehérvár, and buried in the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Stephen in Székesfehérvár. Due to his young age, his role as king in Hungarian history was not significant.

Source: Wikipedia