Géza II

around 1130-1162 

son of: Béla II
periods of reign: 1141-1162
spouse: Euphrosyne of Kiev
children: Stephen III, Béla III, Géza, Árpád, Elisabeth, Odola, Margaret, Helena
succesor: Stephen III


Géza II, Béla II’s oldest son is considered to be among the most powerful kings of Hungary. Being the oldest son, he was the one who was crowned at the age of 11, after his father’s death. However, he ruled under the guardianship of his mother and the royal council.

Boris, Coloman the Book Lover’s illegitimate son attempted to regain the throne again in 1146 and captured Pressburg (Bratislava, Slovakia) temporarily. Young Géza was knighted because of his battle bravery he had showed when reconquering the town. After the victory the Hungarian army took vengeance on the Austrian and Bohemian allies of Boris as well, which deteriorated the German-Hungarian relations. Nevertheless, the German attack got cancelled because of the crusades; Conrad III King of Germany, and Louis VII King of France both marched through the country.

Géza intervened significantly in the fights for Kiev and for the territory of Halych till 1165. At the same time, he also had to pay attention to a more significant conflict, to the war against the Byzantine Empire. That period of feud with several military campaigns and peace treaties rearranged several times the system of alliances of Europe. However, in the end, the original status quo remained. During his reign Géza managed to consolidate the relationship of Hungary with Bohemia and in the beginning of his reign with Germany as well.

Yet, Géza maintained ambiguous relationship with the Church and the Holy See. He established the first Cistercian monastery, but he also supported the Muslim minority living in the country.

After his death in 1162 he was also buried in Székesfehérvár, as his predecessors.

Source: Wikipedia